About Us

About Royalblue Yacht Consulting

There are thousands of yachts and it can become a night mare when trying to find a yacht suitable to what you are searching for .

Stop to search  and  feel welcome to send your request to us , without any obligation. Try us out or ask any questions by filling out the request form

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Whether you know exactly what you require or wish to use our experience for suggestion, we are at your service .

We are paid by the charter operator or boat owner and our service is free to the client .

Why to contact Royalblue Yacht consulting for your next holiday at sea ? .:

We are in this business since 1983 and we know about yachts .

As we do not own or directly manage any of the yachts, we can objectively and without biais recommend the best yachts  from every supplier, manager or owner.

Before listing a yacht , here is what we do .:

1) Yearly  Inspection of  charter  yachts available in the countries we work with. Yachts have to fulfill many criterias before being considered suitable for a listing on our web-site .

2) Selected  yachts  are  .:

  • well maintained and sea  worthy
  • run by trustable  and flexible  owners
  • have experienced Crew
  • have good  price-quality value
  • have proper charter license
  • have proper insurance
  • have proper safetly equipment and coast guard requirements
  • Locate with worldwide contacts the most suitable yacht for each client, whether you know exactly what you require or wish to use our experience for suggestion.

Your request is send to us , and here is what we do .:

We study your request  and  send you a choice of yachts , including all  details  ( specifications and pictures)  according to your tastes , requirements  and  budget..

  • we reply quickly and professionally
  • we guide you step by step until all details are finalized for a perfect organization of your holiday at sea .

You reserved a yacht with us , and here is what we do.:

Provide well organized charters and exemplary professional and personal customer service

  • we can organize your transportation from – to the airport
  • we can organize fine dining ashore at recommended restaurants , unless you wish tohave all meals on board your chartered yacht .
  • we can recommend  and organize guided land excursions  to  antic sites ,Hunting, Gorge walking , Canyon hiking , Coasteering , Diving or any visits to  places of interest .

Before your arrival.:

Inspection of the boat   .:

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Control that all that has been reserved for is on board
  3. Organize and double check catering according to your preferences
  4. Organize and double check your transportation

Upon your arrival .:

  1. Organize your welcoming
  2. Briefing and additional informations

During your cruise .:

  1. Contact you periodically to see if  all is fine or anything needed
  2. We are  on stand by for you  any time

Prior to departure .:

  1. We double check the transfert organization
  2. We organize the meeting point with the Bus

Departure .:

  1. Our team  and Crew  welcome you Good Bye

we organize , you relax ..