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Hellas, officially known as the "Hellenic Republic" is the southeastern most country in Europe, occupying the southernmost part of the Balkan Peninsula. It is bordered by Albania, X-Yugoslavia (the Republic of Skopje) and Bulgaria from the north, and the European part of Turkey from the northeast. From the east by the Aegean Sea, from the south by the Mediterranean Sea, and from the west the Ionian Sea, including more than 400 islands, which occupy more than one fifth of its total land territory the total area of the country is 131,957 square kilometers (50,949 square miles).

The mainland portion of Greece comprises the regions of Thraki and Macedonia in the north; Epirus, Thessaly, and Central Greece in the central section; and in the south Peloponnisos, a peninsula which is connected to the rest of the mainland by the Isthmus of Corinth. The remainder of Greece consists of more than 400 islands, (only 149 are inhabited.) These are Evia, Crete, or Kriti, the Northern Sporades, the Cyclades, the Dodecanisa, Chios, Limnos, Lesvos, Samos, Samothraki, and Thassos, all of which are spread out in the Aegean Sea. In the west, the Ionian Sea, is where the Eptanisa are found, a group of seven inhabited major islands and three small uninhabited ones.

The coastal waters of the country are relatively shallow and penetrate far inland. Despite its indented coastline, Greece has fine natural harbors, namely its main harbor of Piraeus, the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea, after Marseilles in France. Piraeus is considered an excellent harbor in the East Mediterranean waters. Explore  the  Dodecanese  Islands by renting a Yacht from Rhodos or rent a Yacht in Turkey ( Bodrum or Marmaris ) and add some of the Dodecanese Islands  to your itineraty .



General information

With a  Population  of  90.963
Rhodos  is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands.

City of Rhodes

There is the “ old town “ and the “ new town “ .

Old town .: narrow streets , stone houses , medieval castles ..

Knight’s castle   .: 14 th century

Knight’s hospital.: 15 th century

Folk art museum.: traditional art

Great Magisters palace.: collection of 16th  +  17th century furniture

and great performances  are being held here all through the season.

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Discover the area around Rhodos .:

The valley of “  Butterflies “

Filerimos , a dense pine forest area

Madonna monastery

Ruins of ancient Ialyssos

Kameiros , beautiful landscape

Kallithea , Afandou , Koskinou , Faliraki

Lindos , ancient Acropolis and intesresting history …

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Disover the Acropolis and the ancient history of Lindos , walk in the charming village , relax at the beautiful sandy beaches


The fourth largest of the Dodecanse Islands.

Mountains  and fertile valleys .

Inhabitants of  Kalymnos  still pratice  in the old age “ sponge diving “.

The main port of Pothia is lined with cafes and as home to Greece's spongefishing fleet .  There is also a sponge museum .

Lots of archeologic  sites , caves,  castles  ,  good beaches …

Bright  coloured houses ,

Villages  of  Kalymnos

Kalimnos has other charming villages, like Vathi, set in a fertile valley full of citrus trees.

At  Therma , only 1 km from Pothia ; there are “ thermal prings “

Southeast .: Methohi

North .: Emphorios

Nice beaches.:





***  famous for  sea food ***


General information

Population: 21.334

Hippocrates , father of medicine .

Knights castle

Freedom square

Roman homes

Christian basilicas

Dorik temple of Venus

Roman school of Music

Castle¬† built¬† c. 1450 ‚Äď 1478 / classical sculptures


Four km. to the SE of the city we shall visit the Aesculapium, infirmary of Antiquity, which began to be built in the 4th century B.C. .

Among the ruins we can discern the Temple of Aesculapius, the Stoa of Hippocrates' medical school, and the altar.

Villages around  the island  of KOS .:

Asfendiou, 14 kilometres southwest of town

Pill, further south, with its ruined Byzantine castle

Andimahia , in the middle of the island

Kardamena ;  hot springs

Kefalos on the southwest coast , with its superbe beach

Palatia ; ruins of ancient town of Astypalaia.

*A popular way to get around the ńįsland is the bycicle *


General information

Situated between Patmos and Kalimnos, Leros is an island of small fertile valleys sandwiched between rolling green hills, deep coves and pretty beaches.

Capital  of  Leros  .:  Agia Marina - united with two other villages, Platanos and Pandeli

Nice  Villages .:




Nice beaches .:

Agia Marina







****     Laki, 3 kilometres south of Agia Marina, is the island's port.   ****

This is one of the largest and best natural harbours in the Mediterranean


Neighbouring Patmos and Leros is the island of Lipsi or Lipsos. It forms part of a group of small islands including Aspronissi, Macronissi, Frago, Plavi, Calapodia   etc…

Because the island is so small it is easy to go around it by foot.

Nice beaches.: Platis  ,   Gialos

On the island moreover the churches of the Catopanaghia constructed in the 770 d.c. deserve a visit, and the churche of Panopanaghia 1500 d.c. The most famous is the churche of Panaghia Tou Kharou where the 30 of August the festivity of the Madonna is carried out.

In Lipsi the visitor can try its excellent plates made up of fish and fruits of the sea .


General information

"The Jerusalem of the Aegean" is one way of describing Patmos or Patnos, as it was referred to in one 5th century inscription. It was here that St. John the Theologian was exiled between 95 and 97 A.D. and was inspired to write the Book of Revelation or Apocalypse.

Patmos is a mountainous island with rocky soil and an abundance of small coves.

The majestic fortress - monastery crowns the hill above the port, surrounded by white, cubelike houses    and  churches ,  spreaded  in narrow lanes  with breath-taking views ..

Port.: Skala

North of Skala is the village of Kambos, set among trees and greenery, and near it is what many consider to be the island's finest beach.

Nice beaches in Patmos.:








The village of Fourni is wonderfully vibrant in the traditional Greek way.

In FOURNI  you can eat fresh fish (especially lobster)  at much lower rates than  on any of the other Greek Islands.

One of the best bays is  KAMPI ( 20 minutes walk )   , with a taverna over the sandy beach.


General information

A lovely, mountainous island, Symi (or Simi) was reputed to be the birthplace of the Three Graces. While its interior is punctuated with small valleys, its coastline alternates between being steep and rocky or sandy and indented with little coves.

Symi is divited into the upper (Ano Symi) and lower (Kato Poli  or Yialos)  town. The 2 are linked by a lane of steep  steps.   Pastel coloured  houses , red tile roofs .

Port  .: Symi

Second port .: Emborios with the ancient town of Metapontis nearby .


monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis on the southwest coast  built earsy 18th century.

Good beaches are .:






Agia Marina



This small  island  is  situated  at  the south of Nisyros

Capital .: Megalo Horio

Port  .: Livadia ( southeast of Megalo Horio )

About 2,5 km west of  Megalo Horio , there is the monatery of Agios Antonios

About 6,5 km northwest is an other monastery dedicated to Agios Panteleimon .

Nice beaches.:






Worthwile  a stop for anyone  interested  in paleontology,  because  there once lived a prehistoric dwarf elephant, whose skeletons were found in one of   the  caves.


The name Astypalaia means "old city" .


18 th century church “ lady Portaitissa “ one of the most beautiful in the Dodecanese .

Villages of .: Liyadia , Analipsi , Vathi

Main village  with the remains of a Venetian castle .: Hora or Astypalaia

( built on a steep hill )

Nice beaches .:

Tria Marmara



A row of windmills on the pass of the hill provides an additional picturesque note.


Nisyros (or Nissiros) is a small volcanic island, situated between Kos and Tilos .

Port  .: Mandraki


Catle of St. John

Chapel of Panayia Us Spilianis ‚Äď built in 1600 ( our Lady of cave¬†¬† and patroness of the ńįsland )

Hot Springs  at Loutra ( 1,5 Km from Mandraki )

Village of Pall ( east  of  Loutra )

Village of Emborios  ( southeast of Mandraki ) with mineral springs , olive + fruit trees .

Village of Nikia ( at 400 m above sea level )

Extinct crater ( at the Lakki plateau )

Nice beaches.:



Agia Irini



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